Investment Philosophy

We believe that managing risk and keeping investment costs low are critical elements of successful and ‘efficient’ investing.

Global Market Place

The world is a big place and fortunes vary from country to country. Successful investing therefore means thinking globally, not just domestically

Asset Allocation

We add and protect value through periodic adjustments to the balance of each portfolio, increasing or reducing risk depending on our outlook.

Passive Implementation

Most active fund managers fail to justify their higher fees when you judge their performance after the costs against their benchmark. We believe in a lower cost approach that populates portfolios using a range of proven index-tracking funds.

Market Timing

Attempting to outmanoeuvre financial markets by timing your investes could lead to failure. Modern markets are extremely efficient (there is a lot of money out there and many intelligent people) - trying to beat them through short term trading strategies has a low chance of success. 


Shares have historically delivered the long-term returns investors need to stay wealthy in real terms. Holding some other safer investments is wise if it helps you to stay the course through the inevitable periods of market turmoil.

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